Sidney Sax Medal
About the Award: The PHAA bestows this national award on a person who has provided a notable contribution to the protection and promotion of public health, solving public health problems, advancing community awareness of public health measures and advancing the ideals and practice of equity in the provision of health care. The nominee does not need to be a PHAA member.

Tony McMichael Public Health Ecology and Environment Award
About the Award: Eligibility for nomination is open to a person (not just PHAA members) who has made a significant, discernible contribution in the combined domains of public health and ecology or environmental health, which is consistent with and has contributed to fulfilling the aims of the PHAA and the Environment and Ecology Special Interest Group

PHAA Mentor of the Year
About the Award: This award is made to a senior member of PHAA who has made a significant contribution to mentoring early-career professionals/practitioners/students to acknowledge a public health professional who has demonstrated outstanding dedication to mentoring students/early career professionals/practitioners.

Absrtact Awards
The abstract presentation awards have been created to highlight the great work presented at the Australian Public Health Conference and recognise the contribution presenters have to the program and public health sector.

Abstracts submitted for the Australian Public Health Conference have been reviewed against the award criteria and five (5) abstracts from each criteria have been shortlisted as finalist in the abstract presentation awards.

Presented: Closing Plenary Session on Friday 28 September 2018

Abstract Award Categories

  • Public Health Research Award - Sponsored by Deakin University

  • Advocacy & Leadership Award

  • Capacity Building Award

  • Early Career/Young Professional Award

  • First Time Presenter Award

  • Best Poster Award

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